Bartl sheep Skin With 4 Pockets Foam Inserts

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This Sheepskin Half Pad with Rear Trim and Pockets for
Shims fits neatly under the saddle and can be used
directly on the horse's back, or on top a quilted saddle
pad. This correction pad includes pockets for foam pads
so that you can fine tune your saddle fit.
This pad is made from 100% natural sheepskin. The
properties of natural sheepskin include heat
dissemination and breath ability, as well as the capability
to eliminate friction and bounce.
The design of these sheepskin pads follow the contours of
the horse's back with no edges. Most importantly, the
Spine Free Design, and the anatomically correct top line
provide unbeatable protection. This eliminates the risk of
rubs and pressure on this very sensitive area.
No pad can make a bad saddle fit, however, the Correction
System will help maintain balance and straightness with
horses that change form through the season, have
asymmetries, or other similar situations. This system
uses foam pads that are slipped into pockets on the pad.