Arena Diva Shirt Adult Straight Fit

R 799.98
VAT included.

Versatile and elegant equestrian riding shirt with venting mesh and discreet zipper. Lightweight and moisture wicking for the equestrian sportsperson.

Bonbon fabric is both high fashion and versatile. It is smooth, synthetic and 100% polyester Spandex. This fabric is both versatile and elegant which comes in over 20 different colours. Bonbon has taken over from traditional satin yet still has a timeless feel.
Composition: 100% Polyester Spandex
Most types of meshes used in sportswear and athletic apparel are made from polyester. This type of fabric is incredibly lightweight, and it has a noticeable ability to wick moisture. Unlike other types of fabric, polyester mesh does not get bogged down with sweat, and it is highly breathable.