Back on Track

The company Back on Track manufactures joint and muscle protection wear, which is  made from a ceramic textile.

The textile is made up of fibres of polyester and polypropylene (some of the products are mixed with cotton fibres) with a ceramic powder fused into the fibres. The ceramic gives the fabric its unique property, which reflects body heat in the form of infrared energy radiation.  

Back on Track's joint and muscle supports, garments and animal products are manufactured from a functional textile which when warmed by body heat, reflect long-wave infrared radiation This effectively stimulates blood circulation in the tissue underneath the textile. Because of this increase in local circulation, Back on Track products can help to IMPROVE MOBILITY, EASE PAIN, PROMOTE MUSCLE RELAXATION and HELP PREPARE FOR OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE IN THE SPORTING ARENA. 

The production takes place in our Back on Track factories in China and each time a new batch of ceramic textile is manufactured an independent university laboratory measures the level of reflected infrared energy and its wavelength. In this way, we can ensure consistency in quality and efficiency.

Back on Track's head office is based in Uppsala, Sweden and the product is sold through subsidiaries or agents around the world.

Each year, Back on Track helps hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide achieve a more active and comfortable life. By combining modern textile technology and traditional Chinese medicine which is supported by scientific studies, Back on Track creates products that help people, horses and dogs. 

Whether you or your animals are recovering from injury, suffer from arthritis, chronic pain or circulatory disorders (like Reynaud's Syndrome), or just need the well-being benefits of using the products, Back on Track has a solution for you!

Back on Track Medicine Boots
R 2,231.70