A/M Portmouth Snaffle

R 349.98
VAT included.

The revolutionary polyurethane mouthpiece in Apple Mouth bits is apple scented and easily accepted by any horse. This material will not peel or flake in the horse’s mouth. The Apple Mouth bit is longwearing, non-allergenic and stimulates salivation.The bit is fitted with a ported mouthpiece, providing relief to horses with fleshy tongues or those that object to tongue pressure.

** No returns or exchanges are possible if there are chew marks on the mouthpiece.


  • Mouthpiece Material: Synthetic polyurethane – apple scented.
  • Mouthpiece Type: Ported.
  • Cheekpiece Material: Stainless steel.
  • Cheekpiece Type: Loose ring.
  • Snaffle Ring Diameter: 7cm.
  • Cheekpiece length: N/A.
  • Curb Chain Included: N/A.
  • Action: Bars of the mouth, corners of the mouth.