Apple Mouth Elliptical Snaffle

R 815.00
VAT included.

The loose ring has much more movement and play than a fixed ring or cheek. It discourages fixing, blocking, and leaning on the bit. It also helps to encourage mouthing. The loose ring allows more movement so that it follows the angle of the tongue, this is vital because as the horse's overall outline changes it allows the bit to follow. The happy mouth bits are made from a polyurethane material, which is light, and flexible, they are suitable for use on a young horse, sensitive horses, horses just backed or those horses who are not comfortable in conventional stainless steel bits. The peanut joint is an oval shaped link in the center of the mouthpiece, which is movable and rolls around the stainless steel centre. It has 2 joints, which means the pressure of the bit is distributed over both the tongue and bars of the mouth and it shouldn’t cause any interference with the roof of the mouth. The peanut uses tongue pressure to encourage the horse to go on the bit and lower the head.