Relief Comfort Bridle

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R 1,536.00 


An effective and humane bridle designed according to the sensitive nerve-endings and skeletal structure of the horse's face.

This bridle is made from high quality leather and boasts generous padding and a fancy white stitch detail on the straps.

The poll piece is a large single strap that is extra wide and is padded to provide optimum comfort.

The bridle design itself works on the principle of the nerve ending of the horses. After most schooling sessions horses insist on rubbing their faces on their foreleg and it is believed that it is due to a ‘pins and needles’ sensation caused by tight fitting nosebands causing pressure on these nerves.

The higher positioning of the noseband also takes into account the fragile and sensitive bones of the nose and prevents pressure said bones.

Additional clips are added from the noseband to the bit which uses slight pressure from the noseband for control and alleviates pressure on the bars on the mouth. This is ideal for horses who battle with the pressure and pain of frequently damaged bars of the mouth. It also alleviates undue pressure on the contact or horse who try place their tongue over the bit.  

This bridle is sold excluding reins

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