Chambon Elasticised

R 665.04
VAT included.

The Chambon attaches to the girth between the horse’s legs, and a rein on each side runs up through a ring attachment on either side of a padded headpiece that sits under the bridle headpiece at the poll and is secured by a buckle. The Chambon then clips onto the bit rings. When using, warm up on a loose contact and adjust as needed, as with all training aids.

The Chambon is designed for lungeing only. It encourages the horse to lower his head by applying poll and bit pressure when he raises it too high. The pressure is released when he lowers his head. The Chambon should be introduced very loosely and gradually, attaching to the poll rings initially, then once the horse has accepted the action on the poll, it’s attached to the bit. It should be used for short periods at first, especially on horses unaccustomed to using the correct muscles, as they will tire quickly. The aim is to lower his head, encourage him to round and swing through his back and engage his hocks. 
The Chambon should be used with great care, especially on horses who find it difficult to accept the bit or are not used to working in a round outline. If in doubt, seek a more experienced person to help.