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Degougue Training Aid

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The De Gogue is similar to the Chambon, but isn’t as severe. It acts under the same principle of restriction and release, but the action works indirectly rather than directly on the poll and the horse’s mouth. He will feel less challenged and more relaxed when looking for release, which enables him to stretch down to the contact and work the muscles across his back . The lunger can then encourage him to engage his hindquarters. The De Gogue can also be used when riding but only once established happily on the lunge.

It attaches to the girth between his legs with two running reins passing through rings either side of the poll that are attached to a headpiece, but instead of attaching to the bit, the running rein passes through the bit ring and attaches back to a ring at the breast making a triangle. Ultimately, when working the horse’s head should be long and low, but neither too far in front and definitely not behind the vertical, evading the contact.