Equihealth Fulvic

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Fulvic Acid, a “carrier molecule” is one of the top organic electrolytes AND antioxidant/free radical scavengers known to humans. It offers a power detox, removes heavy metals, and makes minerals/trace elements more bioavailable by binding with them. The resultant compound minerals play a key role in the support of growth (cell division and elongation), and overall health and well-being of your horse.

Fulvic Acid aids and supports:

 Tissue, bone and tendon support/recovery

 Recovery of injury and sickness

 Immune system

 Reduction of respiratory disease and bacterial/viral infections

 Transport of nutrients

 Metabolism

 Intra-cellular communication

 Catalysing of vitamins inside cells

 Proper vitamin function

 Enzyme reactions

 Builds/improves muscle and muscle strength

 Reduces gastric irritation and ammonia in stools

 Gut health

 Reduction of pained or inflamed joints/muscles during/after heavy exercise.