Icatchi Fly Unit


R 249.55 


Icatchi harnesses the natural instinct of flies by using colour, light and smell to lure them to confinement where they are separated from moisture and food resulting in dehydration and a reduction of unpleasant odours.

Dehydrated flies are removed from the reproduction cycle effectively depopulating an infested area and provide a natural food source for wild birds, fish and insects

- The bait is specially designed to attract female flies with the use of sex pheromones which cuts down their breeding cycle, resulting in less annoying flies around during the next season
- Mix with warm water to activate
-non-toxic & pesticide free


x 1 Re-usable fly Trap
x 1 Packet powder Bait
x 1 Ground Stake
x 1 Hanging String

Bait also sold separately.