Pessoa Copy Training/Lungeing Aid

R 1,249.98
VAT included.

This product, designed in a similar fashion to the Pessoa training aid, is an extension of Chambon for unmounted lunge work. Lowers horse’s head carriage. Adjusts to bring in the nose and flexes the poll thus building crucial muscles. A must for competition horses or a horse with weak topline muscles. Extremely popular amoung showjumpers and equitation riders. This product is incredibly useful but must be used under knowledgable supervision.

The four main positions this system is known for are the crossed and dressage position, the high position, middle position, and the low position. The crossed and dressage position, is reccomended for riders wishing to obtain a high neck postion needed for Dressage. The high position helps develop the muscles needed for the horse to be in perfect balance when cantering. The middle position is an intermediate position which helps upper neck muscles to develop. The low position causes tension of the spinal column to bring the shoulder up.

A lunge roller is required with this training aid. Lunge roller not included.