Spur Stubben Soft Touch Dressage


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Stubben is a one of the oldest and most trusted equestrian brands in the world. All Stubben products carry an assurance of the highest quality materials and patented designs. 

Constructed from the highest grade solid Stübben stainless steel for a lifetime rust-free guarantee, these spurs offer a 20mm straight neck featuring a smooth stainless steel roller ball knob, which allows the spur to roll as it touches your horse's side, reducing the chance of spur marks and providing a milder touch, appropriate for sensitive horses. This unique roller ball design also promotes accuracy and precision of leg aids, as the rider can keep the lower leg in a consistent position while the roller rotates with the natural movement of the horse.

Length is 35mm.

Other featured of the Stubben Steel Tec Range:

  • Non-slip material 
  • Boots protection 
  • More gentle and more effective 
  • Smooth rounded loubes 
  • Made of flexible stainless steel that allows the user to form the spur to the individual size, need and comfort. 
  • Because of their flexibility SEQ-SPURS fit both men and women.