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  1. Harry's Horse SU16 Flyveil

    R 207.64

    Chic crochet fly veil with decorative cord, contrast binding and Lycra ears. 100% cotton
  2. Harry's Horse SU16 Numnah

    R 458.99

    Luxury saddle pad with ES embroidery on left side and decorative cord. Consists of high quality polyfill filling and T/C lining.Saddle loops with velcro closure. 100% polyester
  3. Harry's Horse SU16 Tendon Boots

    R 856.80

    Anatomically shaped boots of unbreakable thermoplastic with shock-absorbing neoprene lining, soft and round finish against rubbing. Velcro elastic closures for extra comfort and durability. Packaged in luxury and handy mesh bag.