Equifox Omega Coat

R 405.00
VAT included.

EFA’s (Essential Fatty’s Acids) such as Omega 3 and 6 are responsible for basic cellular health in all body tissues and are fundamentally important for all animals


Dosage: 60ml


-          Canola Oil

-          Flaxseed oil

-          Soya oil

-          Evening Primrose oil

-          Corn oil


  • Plays a major role in maintaining healthy skin and coat
  • They are the building blocks for prostaglandins, which work to regulate hormones, immune and nervous systems and cardiovascular function
  • They provide the means for the physiological system to build muscle, control inflammation associated with joints and connective tissues by aiding in recovery from the stress of exercise

Recommendation for use:

Can help to reduce the occurrence of colic by lining the stomach and preventing impactions. Improves poor coat condition.